"Was created to offer the best selection and services on shape-wear in terms of brands, styles, and colors. Our girdles are made in Colombia with high-quality fabrics. Our main goal is to provide full coverage, compression, and comfort while shaping your silhouette. We will help you achieve your desired body goals with our experienced knowledge. All of our girdles range from high to low compression and we carry a variety of sizes from 2XS to 5XL in certain brands. . ."

  • Fajas Colombianas

    These types of girdles are not a type of girdle such as panty girdles or corsets. They actually take this name from their place of manufacture. The country of Colombia has great fame and a large number of factories with a long history dedicated to the production of girdles always with the highest quality. This fame has crossed borders and today they are considered one of the best girdles in the world.

    This type of girdles aims to stylize and give beauty to the figure of women, although there are also models for men.

  • Intimate clothing

    In Colombia it is a garment of intimate clothing that is used in a common way. It is not necessary to have a few extra kilos or pounds to carry it. There are many women who choose to wear it to shape their figure. In some countries it is considered to be a garment for fat women or something ugly and not very sexy, but the Colombian girdles break this myth since they are high quality garments, good materials and very sensual. Its great success in the Colombian country made the factories innovate and work hard to make better girdles. From there it jumped to the whole world and of course, also in the United States.

  • Jean's Push-Up.

    Let us tell you something very important. It is not necessary to look skinny if you want to feel sexy and confident in your body. This explains why so many Colombian jeans brands are making items that enhance women's natural curves and different body shapes. A very good example of this is push-up jeans. The thing about push-up jeans is that they're not just stylish. They are also very functional for women with more curves. Jeans enhance, lift and shape your butt, thighs and legs. In short, more confidence is a natural part of your outfit.

    Women with a slimmer rear also tend to buy our best Colombian jeans to make the butt look bigger. So even for them, Colombian push-up jeans add volume and definition.