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Faja LT.Rose 1042

: Purple

    • Made of 90% Nylon.

    When it comes to waist training, latex gets the job done. Laty Rose brings the waist trainers shapewear for women ideal to control and mold the torso into a wasp-like figure. This waist trainer help to lose fat, lose weight, and get your waist in good shape. Perfectly pairing form and function, this latex waist trainer compresses without sacrificing comfort.


    • Hook and eye front closure with 3 levels of compression for desirable adjustment.
    • Cotton lining that allows your body to breathe properly.
    • Made of highly effective latex outer layer that smooths and sculpts the waist.
    • Backless and strapless design that allows wearing the favorite bra.
    • Elastic boning for an improved, confident posture.
    • High compression garment to find the perfect workout fit.

    Key Features

    • Exclusive for workout sessions.
    • Short torso.
    • Moderate fit.
    • Waist enhancer.
    • Colors available: Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, and Black.
    • Sizes: XS to 4XL.

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