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Diane & Geordi DJ04L4

: Cocoa

We have run out of stock for this item.

  Because we know how important it is for you to maintain the figure. For that, Diane & Geordi DJ04L4 brings you the best belts in the industry. If you want to shape your figure without sacrificing comfort and freshness, our collections are perfect for you. You will not have to worry about those details that torment you when choosing the most appropriate girdle.

The mission that we have in Diane & Geordi DJ04L4 is to provide you with adequate compression for your body without affecting your performance in day-to-day activities. You can use the belts at any time or occasion without people noticing.

Our garments are made with the best materials in the industry. These components maximize the compression of the body, while providing incomparable freshness.

The Diane & Geordi DJ04L4 strips are clear. Adapting to the body and molding it correctly is the main objective. Our design team listens to your demands and translates them to the strip to the letter. Comfortable, fresh and take care of your figure are the 3 pillars of our collection.


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